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A puzzling starting problem, need help with finding the root cause

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2023 9:02 pm
by redbullah
I'm having a hard starting problem with my 2022 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 (I'm the first owner, has 2000km on it), especially when the engine is not warm. I've visited several services but none of them could identify the problem and I'm running out of options. All of the services claim that this is normal and this is how I should start the bike. But I don't agree, because none of the bikes I had before were like this. So I would appreciate any help in my efforts with troubleshooting.
  • The bike has EFI, so it is expected to start just by pressing the starter button without giving gas.
  • Ignition is automatically cut out after 1-2 seconds of pressing the starter button (I'm not sure if this is a normal precaution by the ignition system to avoid damage to the starter motor)
  • No matter the outer temperature (-1 deg or +12 deg Celcius), the bike won't start unless I give gas.
  • Problem seems to be worse as the outer temperature gets lower, but warm air doesn't allow starting only with the starter button.
  • The time the bike sits (in other words, engine temperature) seems to have a bigger effect on the problem. If I ride the bike for 10-20 kms (15 minutes or so) and the engine warms up good, it seems to start fine right after a brief shutdown. But after 5-6 hours of sitting out, the problem occurs again.
  • The battery and TPS (throttle position sensor) have been already replaced by the services but the problem persists.
Here are some of the possibilities and my answers:
  • The battery is weak: it seems fine while cranking, also it has been replaced recently.
  • There are some sensory malfunctions in the fuel injection system: no engine check light turns off while the engine is running. Also, once the engine starts running, it seems to run alright, with no idling problems, no weird sounds, the performance is good, and fuel consumption seems fine.
  • While the bike sits, fuel in the injection system somehow evaporates (?), thus not starting without giving gas manually: if that is the case, the bike should start easily right after turning it off. However, the problem persists even after a brief shutdown if the engine didn't get warm enough.
  • The fuel pump can't draw fuel due to vacuum in the fuel tank: I've already tried opening/closing the tank cap before starting, the problem still occurs.

Please ask for any additional info if I'm missing something, and I would gladly share. Also, please correct me if I'm wrong with my thought process.

Thanks in advance!