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2023 Update Done: Total Motorcycle Community Forums!

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2023 4:06 am
by totalmotorcycle
2023 Update: Total Motorcycle Community Forums!

A big shoutout to our host for updating not only our phpBB forum software to the latest, fastest and most stable/secure version but also for updating our TMW server software as well (PHP 8.2.1 and database) to offer up the best of behind the scenes for us all!

Looking forward to providing another great motorcycle forum experience for you all in 2023!!

Enjoy and thank you for being part of the TMW community.

-TMW Mike

For interested in our forum changes, here is the wonderful long changelog list:

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Changes since 3.3.10-RC1
[PHPBB3-17091] - PHP 8.0 builds fail due to incompatible doctrine/instantiator
[PHPBB3-17092] - Check for error codes when querying Spamhaus
Changes since 3.3.9
[PHPBB3-16938] - Unexistent css property in inline style
[PHPBB3-17039] - Group name not colored in manage groups due to typo
[PHPBB3-17056] - PHP 8.2 Deprecation warning about ${var} syntax
[PHPBB3-17065] - Emoji characters in MCP add feedback cause SQL error
[PHPBB3-17074] - Condition to avoid creation of roles with same name is broken
[PHPBB3-17081] - Invalid accept attribute in the post editor
[PHPBB3-17082] - Ability to warn Anonymous
[PHPBB3-13291] - Close notification drop down after clicking "mark all read"
[PHPBB3-16105] - Use "global" reCAPTCHA domain to circumvent blocking in some countries
[PHPBB3-17068] - ALLOW_CDN_EXPLAIN: Incomplete and imprecise description
[PHPBB3-17075] - Add template events to ACP footer after SCRIPTS
[PHPBB3-17066] - Update GitHub Actions configuration to resolve deprecations
[PHPBB3-17071] - Update the emoji CDN
[SECURITY-275] - Improve handling of exceptions in cron redirect
Changes since 3.3.9-RC1
[PHPBB3-17058] - Special character issue in emails from PHP 8.0 and higher
[SECURITY-274] - Reset login keys/session when resetting password
Changes since 3.3.8
[PHPBB3-16917] - bin/phpbb.cli requires 755 permissions
[PHPBB3-16932] - Invalid email To: header on notifications to users with @ in name
[PHPBB3-17003] - Icon of a topic do not show up in the UCP > Front Page.
[PHPBB3-17019] - Missing "youtube" profilefield stops Database update
[PHPBB3-17023] - phpBB 3.3: PHP8 supported but not indicated by composer.json
[PHPBB3-17026] - Session viewonline not defined in Memberlist
[PHPBB3-17030] - Feed doesn't generate valid RFC-3339 dates
[PHPBB3-17032] - Missing or invalid user entry for anonymous user may result in stack overflow
[PHPBB3-17036] - Update guzzle to latest version
[PHPBB3-17050] - Unnecessary trailing slash in void HTML elements
[PHPBB3-17051] - Textformatter may generate PHP warnings if user is not fully initialized in PHP 8.1
[PHPBB3-16916] - Enhance the PHP version error message on startup and install
[PHPBB3-17005] - List item closing tag missing slash in posting_topic_review
[PHPBB3-17006] - "www." not needed and may lead to confusion
[PHPBB3-17048] - Update composer and dependencies for 3.3.9
Changes since 3.3.7
[PHPBB3-13821] - Always show "Display this post" for foes
[PHPBB3-16871] - S_FORUM_ID and S_TOPIC_ID variables set by page_header may cause fatal errors in feeds
[PHPBB3-16891] - Controller Helper Routing in ACP can break Extension Installation
[PHPBB3-16960] - Migrations table not populated at the end of installation
[PHPBB3-16962] - Possible bug related with format date
[PHPBB3-16966] - "Insecure redirect" error while permanently deleting posts
[PHPBB3-16976] - phpBB Native Search returns 1 match and one page of results
[PHPBB3-16977] - Cron-job "img" tag at bottom breaks some styles and is inaccessible
[PHPBB3-16978] - </ul> Tag Missing From posting_pm_header.html Template
[PHPBB3-16981] - HTML-encoded emojis `&#128396;️ &#128208;` in email subject line
[PHPBB3-16990] - Wrong style template code in the post editor prevents deleting a post with certain permission combination
[PHPBB3-13859] - Youtube profilefield needs an upgrade
[PHPBB3-15947] - "X out of 0 messages stored" in UCP
[PHPBB3-16800] - Language string NO_POSTS should be changed
[PHPBB3-16959] - Remove redundant URL parameters from notification mails
[PHPBB3-16967] - Deprecate use of PHP and INCLUDEPHP in templates
[PHPBB3-16969] - Flash status displays when posting when posts settings don't allow [FLASH] - BBCode
[PHPBB3-16988] - Ignore appended branch info when preparing commit message
[PHPBB3-16991] - Add events for bookmarks and subscribed topics in UCP
Changes since 3.3.6
[PHPBB3-16973] - Remove orphaned roles migration may incorrectly remove role-based group permissions
[PHPBB3-16972] - Rename subtype to advanced_update in package.json generation
Changes since 3.3.6-RC1
[PHPBB3-16872] - Create event exporter to BBCode
[PHPBB3-16956] - White screen after disable extention
[PHPBB3-15028] - Change update instructions in ACP
[PHPBB3-16964] - Update composer and composer dependencies to latest versions
[SECURITY-272] - Use longer random string for activation key
[SECURITY-273] - Reset reset token info when re-activating account
Changes since 3.3.5
[PHPBB3-16881] - Fix ACP Statistic Table
[PHPBB3-16883] - Check if var is array before using count in installer diff
[PHPBB3-16887] - Update required PHP version
[PHPBB3-16889] - Postgres on windows builds keep failing
[PHPBB3-16892] - Duplicate entry for jav files in extension guesser
[PHPBB3-16895] - 'Permission' migration tool incorrectly handles role removal
[PHPBB3-16897] - sqlite3 drivers generates warnings when executing an explain query plan that fails
[PHPBB3-16900] - Invalid email subject header on long topic titles
[PHPBB3-16904] - Regression for topic selection in MCP in 3.3.5
[PHPBB3-16908] - PHP warning on non-existent post id requests
[PHPBB3-16910] - PHP warning if trying to attach orphaned files to non existent posts
[PHPBB3-16914] - Missing id in memberlist email template
[PHPBB3-16924] - Double escaping of config values inserted with db config
[PHPBB3-13508] - Support using INCLUDEJS and INCLUDECSS in twig template format
[PHPBB3-16828] - Add hook event before find_users_for_notification() execute
[PHPBB3-16859] - Language selection option is displayed on register if only 1 language is installed
[PHPBB3-16885] - Add filters to Twig - INT and FLOAT
[PHPBB3-16888] - Add the list of allowed attachment types using accept attribute
[PHPBB3-16896] - Improve .gitignore visibility
[PHPBB3-16898] - Do not restrict the debug error handler to the development environment
[PHPBB3-16899] - Add SVG and WEBP image type to ranks, smilies and topic icons
[PHPBB3-16902] - Improve search results count for MySQL
[PHPBB3-16909] - Add PHP 8.2 builds to test matrix
[PHPBB3-16912] - Improve mail encoding to better match RFC 2047
[PHPBB3-16921] - Increase PHP requirements in the DOCS
[PHPBB3-16930] - Remove redundant topic ID from last post URL
[PHPBB3-16933] - Inconsistent handling of hyphen by phpBB Native search backend
[PHPBB3-16939] - Wait for postgres service to start in GitHub Actions windows builds
[PHPBB3-16940] - Optimize phpBB Native Search
[PHPBB3-16927] - Update plupload to latest version
[PHPBB3-16928] - Update composer and composer dependencies to latest versions
Changes since 3.3.5-RC1
[PHPBB3-16878] - Error in password_hash() with ARGON2 + Sodium & threadcount > 1
[SECURITY-254] - Disallow whitespace characters that might be invisible