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yamaha vstar 1100 needs assessment

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 2:08 pm
by JERMs
short story long, i had a 75/76 Honda CB750. it got stolen. my neighbor felt sorry for me and gave me this 2006 V Star 1100. it had been sitting for a couple years. it ran fine (my neighbor says) prior to it sitting. he’s in his 70’s and has stopped riding. i changed the oil, the plugs, the fuel filter, & battery. both coils have spark and both cylinders have compression. it started right up and it appeared to only be running on the first cylinder. i applied some carb treatment through gas tank. after running it for a bit the second cylinder is running and the first cylinder is intermittent. when feeling the pipes both are hot. and theres pressure (exhaust) coming from both pipes. as soon as i give it the smallest amount of throttle it quits.