Suzuki T200 oil change

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Suzuki T200 oil change

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Hello. I have a Suzuki T200 1967. I was wanting to change the crankcase oil.

Being a novice at this, I have a few questions.

I checked the parts list for this style and it shows about 4 different drain plugs under the engine. Not sure which one is the correct one to unscrew and drain the crankcase.

Also, what type oil is needed for replacement?

I noticed the screw on the side about halfway up. I guess that the crankcase is filled to this level?

Is there any filters that need changed? If so, are they inside the crankcase?

New compression washer for drain plug?

Any help is appreciated.

I’d take it to a dealer but no trailer.

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Re: Suzuki T200 oil change

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Hi ,I have a tc200 same engine as t200 two drain plugs at the rear of engine that are the same size drain the clutch chamber and gearbox do both, no filters,use new crush washers if available ,fill with 1ltr of a good 20/40 multi grade oil Hope this helps a little

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Re: Suzuki T200 oil change

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Congratulations on owning a classic Suzuki T200 from 1967! Here are the answers to your questions:

The correct drain plug for the crankcase oil should be located at the lowest point of the engine. This is usually located towards the bottom of the engine, often towards the front. You may need to consult a service manual or ask a mechanic familiar with this model to help you locate it if you are not sure.

The recommended oil type for your Suzuki T200 is 10W-40 motor oil with a JASO MA rating. JASO MA is a rating for motorcycle-specific oil that provides superior performance compared to regular automotive oil.

The screw you saw halfway up the side of the engine is most likely the oil level check screw. This screw should be removed, and the oil level should be between the high and low marks on the dipstick or sight glass when the motorcycle is upright and level.

Your Suzuki T200 may have an oil filter, but it may also not have one. If there is a filter, it is most likely located inside the engine and will require disassembly to access. Consult a service manual or mechanic for assistance.

It is recommended to use a new crush washer when replacing the drain plug. This helps ensure a proper seal and prevents leaks. Crush washers are inexpensive and widely available at motorcycle shops or online retailers.

I hope this helps you with your oil change! Remember to dispose of the used oil responsibly by taking it to a local recycling center or mechanic who can properly dispose of it. SkyWard Alpine

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