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suggestions on good but inexpensive bluetooth/intercomm

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2021 6:20 am
by MrBlue
Hey all,

New rider and new forum member here...

I'm planning on using my bike as my daily commute as well as for just joyrides with my brother (who has been riding a long time and encouraged me get into riding). I'd like to find us a bluetooth and intercomm set so we can communicate while riding. In addition to communicating with each other, I want to be able to connect with my phone to take calls, listen to music or audiobooks or just GPS directions. I want good quality without laying down $500+ (for a set of 2). The cycle shops around here only sell Sena and Cardo, and their most expensive stuff.

After looking around, I've seen some from Fodsports and Yideng and Vnetphone. But I don't know anything about these brands. The reviews look good. And the price is much better than $500+.

Any of y'all have experience with a good quality but inexpensive bluetooth and intercomm? I could definitely use the help!