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More Harley stuff

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 4:57 pm
by kaizmoto1489
So I figured out codes and all that, my issue was the battery not charging. The exact code was PO562, Manuel says the battery isn't charging, Duh, So a few more numbers came up that I assume are part numbers. Those numbers are 68925-07 and 67478-09. I called Harley Davidson and asked what those parts were. The first one was the security system, the other has something to do with the spedo. Other then the word "none" and those codes nothing came up. The harley guy was very helpful. He said the first part, in his 5 years at that dealer they have only sold two of those parts. The second one he has only sold on in five years. He didn't think those were issues. His parting advise was to clear the codes and chase wires. Look at any aftermarket stuff that may be on the bike and check wires and stuff. I do think its going in. Any advice on what to look at? Voltage regulator is new, battery is new, new plugs and wires and voltage regulator was replaced and is new. I will go out and put a meter on it at lunch.