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Yamaha Xj600 no power, stalling

Posted: Tue May 04, 2021 9:54 pm
by Toomi1
Couple days ago i removed the tank on my xj600 diversion to get to the air filter. I removed everything but a hose leading fron the petcock to the engine. After checking the fuel filter, i put everything back and didnt check if it run. Yesterday i tried to turn in on and it would start only with throttle. Even with full choke it would die on idle. If i keep it at revs with throttle, it would idle at 1k with full choke after letting go. When idling, if i give throttle it will stall. V-max is 90kmph, it was around 170 before. The engine also sounds odd, with rumbling and excess vibration, and occasional pops and bangs on the right exhaust pipe. I also checked the spark plugs when i removed the tank, they looked tan and nice. What could it be? My guess is clogged carbs or failed fuel pump. At first i thought aie could have gotten into the system because i removed the fuel hose, but i rode it for 30 min and it's still the same. And if it is the carbs or fuel pump, is it just a coincidence that it failed after i worked on it?