Falling during training

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Falling during training

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Hi everyone

I don't know if it's because I turned 40 years old, but I decided to get my motorcycle license

since I have NEVER been on a motorcycle before, the driving school asked that I start with their 125cm3 a few hours before going on the 650cm3 they have.
I was glad they demanded that because truthfully I was nervous and a bit scared

Anyway, they asked that I went around a loop, did some 8 figures, change gear a bit

It started badly, but as the minutes went by, my turns were smoother, I was able to get in 3rd gear and back to 1st without much trouble

But at the end of the session (less than an hour)... I fell!
Nothing really hard... I can't even remember what happened other than I put too much gaz in a turn (I think)

and to be honest, I am REALLY disapointed to have fallen less than an hour after starting... I am a bit ashamed to be honest

I didn't talk with the instructor much afterward, but I wanted to know YOUR opinion since you all seem to be expererienced riders

Is it normal to fall so early in the training?

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Re: Falling during training

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Nothing wrong with falling during your learning curve. While I don’t agree with “those who have and those who haven’t yet” theory, the fact that you took the time to take a msf course and learn techniques is awesome. I’m suprised your instructor didn’t take some time with you after you fell to discuss why and how to avoid it again though. Nothing to be ashamed of though. Accidents happen. Learn from it and continue on.

Remember we are a bunch of riders here with lots of different opinions. Take what you hear with a grain of salt. Enjoy the ride!
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Re: Falling during training

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That's good advise....
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Re: Falling during training

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Falling during training is quite normal because you are not well aware of riding tips or tricks and handling strategies. Instead of getting ashamed of you should feel more comfortable as you overcome your fault at early.

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Re: Falling during training

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Runners tend to fall when they are tired and lose focus, so you may be overtraining either in distance or speed. (Or both!) Make sure your level of training is appropriate. You should be able to talk and run and not feel exhausted when your run is finished.

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