First Motorcycle for Beginner

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First Motorcycle for Beginner

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Hey all, I am currently looking at 2 different motorcycles. Both sellers are selling their bike for $800 firm.

One is a 1981 Suzuki gs250

This bike was in excellent condition. Started right up. He's selling it because he's having a kid soon.

The other is a 2001 Honda Shadow VT1100C

I can spend a lot of money to the first cycle, I played on the gambling and found good online gambling reviews here

This one is in mostly good condition. The left mirror is broken off, but the seller has it and it seems like an easy enough fix. It did need to be jumped to start but the seller said it was because it hasn't been started in a while because he can no longer ride. Said a new battery was put in in May. He is selling because he recently had back surgery and, like I said, can no longer ride.

I am 5'8" and 195lbs. I do a LOT of driving both in town and interstate. I don't really know what I need to look for in a starting bike based on this information so I'm asking anyone who will answer which bike they recommend based on the overall deal, practicality, and my situation as a starter bike for me.
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Re: First Motorcycle for Beginner

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Those two bikes couldn't be more different. The Shadow is far more bike for the money, but what is your aptitude? An 1100 will get you in a lot of trouble if you're not ready. But, take your time and fear/respect it and it can be done.

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