Headlight fuse blows when engine get hot

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Headlight fuse blows when engine get hot

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Had an issue this past week at Myrtle Beach. Two seperate times in heavy, stop and roll traffic, because the MB DOT decided to close north bound ocean blvd...my engine heat was really high. No thermometer, but definately, 'seat of the pants' testing. Anyhow, both times my light fuse popped (no lights at all...headlights, taillights, brakelights, etc). I at first thought i had a short or something, but i have never had this happen before. After i changed the first fuse, i was ok for 50-60 miles, until i got into heavy traffic again. Is this just a coincidence. I checked the wiring once i got back home, and didnt find anyting unusual.
Has anyone seen similar issues or have a clue as to why a hot engine will pop a fuse? I ride a HD 2001 Road King Police (FLHRPI).

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Re: Headlight fuse blows when engine get hot

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Harleys vibrate (more) at idle than at cruise. Perhaps it's the shaking and not the heat.

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Re: Headlight fuse blows when engine get hot

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Double check your wiring for any possible open wire. Almost the same thing happened to my uncle's Harley, blown fuse twice after long rides and another one during a hard rain. When I visited his shop for the installation of the suspension from 4Wheelonline onto his Jeep, we took a closer look at the wiring of his bike. There were couple of wires damaged by rodents.

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Re: Headlight fuse blows when engine get hot

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HD 2001 Road King Police is a beast. My dad used to ride a similar one.
If the wiring is physically untouched then it could be a shaking indeed. Maybe installing a led light as mentioned will help. Upd: maybe that was a mouse?

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