650cc enough for mountain riding?

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650cc enough for mountain riding?

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Good Afternoon!

I am brand new to motorcycle riding (haven't even received my license yet!) and had a question about the performance of a 650 cc motorcycle; Royal Enfield's INT650 to be exact. I love the aesthetics of this classic-looking bike and am thinking about purchasing.

Unfortunately, I am worried about its performance in the mountains of Colorado. I want to effortlessly ride in the high-altitude, pitchy hills of the Rockies with a passenger weighing 140-170 lbs on the back. I weigh 170 myself and am thinking that 340 lbs might be too much for a 650cc motorcycle. However, like I said, I am very new to the sport and don't know the bike's performance of if the torque will be enough.

Anything helps!


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Re: 650cc enough for mountain riding?

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One thing to consider -- when you ask if a 650 is enough bike, I'd have to say maybe. Not all 650 motorcycles are equal. The RE is a nice bike, for sure, but it's rated at 42.5 horsepower. The Kawasaki Z650, with the same sized twin-cylinder engine, cranks out 67.5 horsepower. And then, there are single-cylinder 650s like the Suzuki S40, which only produces 31 HP. The INT650 or even the S40 may be "enough" for your purposes, but not as likely to be "enough" as a Z650. For sure, I think the INT650 would have plenty of power for solo riding. Two-up? Not so sure on the roads you describe.

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Re: 650cc enough for mountain riding?

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Brand new to riding, not even in possession of a license yet, and already concerned about bombing through the mountains of Colorado with a passenger aboard? Cart before horse much?

It's a fuel injected bike, should adapt to altitude just fine though it will be down on power. Output is adequate if you grab some lower gears...build quality may be tested at sustained high RPMs however. Kawasaki W800 would be my choice. Leave the passenger at home for a year and get as much seat time as possible before trusting your skills with their life.

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