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hi everyone - hope all are well!

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:32 pm
by tonnyguy
hey y'all! it's been a while, but I wanted to check in and say hi. In November, I had my 4 surgery on my ankle, and it finally seems like this one did the trick. july will be two years since my bike wreck - and i hope that I am finally on the permanent mend.

The final uptick is that I have a 10 inch steel rod running from my left heel through my ankle adjacent to my tibia, anchored in place with screws and locking pins. I have no more ankle movement on that side and my left leg is 3/4 inch shorter. But I didn't lose my foot, and while I'm still in a crazy boot, i can walk on it, albeit with a cane.

My left hand twitches every time i drive by a bike, and I still ache to feel the wind and the air around me as I ride... yet don't think I will ever be completely comfortable with the risk of two wheels again (considering how long and complicated this recovery has been). I also won't be able to clutch/shift with my left foot/ankle any more. I am looking at both traditional trikes and the can-am's to someday at least get back in the wind.

Anyone have any guidance on stats/safety records, etc on trikes vs. traditonal two-wheelers?

I want to again thank all my friends here for your constant support and well-wishers!

Especially Blue and Wrider who keep in touch via fb.