Gear shift lever replacement

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Gear shift lever replacement

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Hello everyone i have a 2017 keeway tx125 i got some riding gear the other day for my bike and boots. The boots are quite big and make it difficult to change gear i tried adjusting it and putting it up on tge splines but to made ut hard to change into secind as the lever kept hitting the bottom of the engine. I am looking to replace the lever with an adjustable gear shift lever so i can use my boots and be able to change gear without having to angle my foot funny to change gear. Any ideas on what to go for.

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Re: Gear shift lever replacement

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So I'm just gonna throw this out there...

It's a WHOLE lot easier to install different boots than a different shift lever. :)

Seriously, if your boots are so chunky that the shift lever has to be in it's highest position to accommodate them, that's excessive.

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