Greetings everyone from the Philippine streets

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Real Name: Lester Dobos
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My Motorcycle: 2018/Yamaha/Aerox 155

Greetings everyone from the Philippine streets

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My name is Lester, my friends call me Lex, like Lex Luger :D other than a passion for riding, I’m a experienced music producer, and mastering engineer. I like the gym, punching bag, fishing, and I like gazing at the stars with my telescope.

I used to get around on a bicycle, until my wife recommended a motor. My quads used to be ripped but since then I chose motorbike riding instead. I sold my bicycle to a cop actually, and since then my friends joke about how I gained a lot of weight changing my method of riding my motorcycle instead, but I don’t regret it since I love all aspects of two wheeled motorbikes. You could say I have quite the passion for it.

My first motor was a scooter, a 1999 Honda Dream semi-automatic 110cc. Back then in the PhiIippines it wasn’t required for riders to wear helmets. I’m just glad I didn’t hit pavement and bust my noggin open on several occasions.

Then in 2002, I went back to the U.S. and took a hiatus by using four wheels as my method of transportation, why I didn’t get a motorcycle was a regretful decision because I took me 15 years before I wrapped my leg around a scooter again.

I have a permanent visa so I visit my family in the PhiIippines often, however I am a U.S. citizen.

So the last time I went back overseas was in 2017. At that time my wife recommended I get a scooter. Ever since then. I fell in love with the love I had about riding motorbikes.

My second scooter was a Honda Beat 110cc. That I went installmen on. It only took two weeks to grow out of that motorbike. Because I couldn’t pass cars going up a hill the 110cc just didn’t have the power I craved.

So at that time I went to the Yamaha dealer and bought the best scooter in its class. A Mio Aerox 155. It has blue core technology, and for a 155cc it does not dissapoint.

So basically thats where I am at experience wise, I’d say the total riding time I put in is roughly two years.

Its a full automatic twist and go. Has some noticeable torque compared to the other scooters out there in its class. Right after the low gear torque I learned not to expect abrupt acceleration. As it is very linear in nature. It is also equipped with Variable valve actuation which kicks in at around about 60kph and thats where this motor really shines.

I only got it up to 115kph on a straight. I am looking to upgrade to a TDR big bore 200cc. CVT pulley set, and an Akropovic full system exhaust.

Its a really popular scooter hybrid slash motorcycle. A lot of owners have been tricking it out.

Its got big wide tires something you wouldn’t normally see on a scooter of it’s class.

Unfortunately I put it down twice learning it. I guess that makes me a non jumper to yhe 600cc class of bikes since my skills are not that honed in a jump of power.

I’m flying back to the U.S. soon. And I have the Kawasaki Ninja 400 inmky sights. I really decided not to go with a 600cc because of the price and the danger that I feel I am not seasoned enough to ride one.


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