Do Lady Bikes try to Hook up with Dude Bikes?

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Do Lady Bikes try to Hook up with Dude Bikes?

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Evening ladies!!! So a little backstory... My Honda Shadow ACE cruiser spent years aside my husband's Kawasaki Vulcan Classic cruiser until we got into sport bikes. Since then, my hubby sold the cruiser and hasn't looked back. I fell head over heels for the sport riding as well but no way was I gonna give up my gorgeous Shadow. So now we have 3 bikes in the garage, both our sport bikes and Bad Romance my Shadow, so you see, she's single now...

Today as I pulled into the garage, hubby waiting with the door open for me I was obligated to give the explanation that my Bad Romance tried to pick up a Vulcan on the way home and I had nothing to do with it. My commute home (sacrilige to call it a commute when on a bike I know but it's usually bumper to bumper traffic for at least 4 blocks as I work in the business center of town) was extra congested on a Friday afternoon. I managed to get into a fast moving lane and passed an older Sam Elliot looking gentleman on a shiny Vulcan. He was headed my same direction but stopped in bumper to bumper traffic in the left and and I lowered my left hand with the standard two fingered wave I give every oncoming motorcyclist when safe to do so and rode towards home. Next thing I know, I'm slowing for a stop light and the Vulcan is up close and centered in my rear view mirror. I stopped for the light, habit to ride formation and he pulled up on my left. We lowered our visors and complimented each other on our bikes and I told him first thing that my hubby used to have one just like it. Now with out being obtuse (just in case, a lady rider can never be too careful) he knows the score even with my wedding band covered. He told me he prefers the Vulcan to his old Harley and that he's getting too old for a softtail. I responded with some gentle banter about how the softail probably won't start and the Vulcan probably does every time cold or heat and he agreed. The light turned and we both said nice to meet you and rode in tandem until my turn. You really can meet some cool people on motorcycles but I think in the future I will just save my friendly waves for oncoming bikes. Anyway, she likes the Vulcans. We rode straight home to start date night. We know which garage is ours and we'll keep coming home to it as long as that man will have us. We're lucky girls.... Someday he'll let me buy him one of those new Vulcan S's and Bad Romance will have someone to keep her warm all winter.
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