Little help please

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Little help please

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Hi all
Would someone please tell me how to remove the seat for 2016klx110?

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Re: Little help please

#2 Unread post by dr_bar »

I'm thinking, if you remove the indicated bolts, the seat should pull backwards and out. reverse to install...
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Re: Little help please

#3 Unread post by DavidYAMAHA001 »

That's right. You have to loosen the bolts on the sides and then the seat can be removed. I'd leave a link to a video on how to do it, but I'm afraid I'll get blocked.

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Re: Little help please

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Its quite easy, you can have YouTube tutorials for this, just need to unscrew two side bolts and took off the seat.

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Re: Little help please

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To remove the seat on a 2016 KLX110, use a socket wrench to remove the two bolts at the rear of the seat, lift the rear of the seat up, slide it towards the rear fender to disengage the hooks at the front of the seat, and then lift the seat up and away from the bike.

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