Royal Enfield Classic 350 : Some Related Queries

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Royal Enfield Classic 350 : Some Related Queries

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Hello Everyone,

I have some questions related to Royal Enfield Bike.

1. Will blocking the secondary air intake on bullet 500 increase my bikes fuel efficiency?
2. What and how does the bike gets damaged by changing exhaust? Is it a myth?
3. How to stop petrol leaking from carburetor, of Royal Enfield, if ridden at around 80kmph? What is the reason and how to solve this problem?
4. How can I maintain the battery of Classic 500?

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Re: Royal Enfield Classic 350 : Some Related Queries

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Hello Parth and welcome to the forum

1) No
2) you will change the fuel/air mixture and may lean the engine out so it burns a hole in the head of the piston
3) your bike shouldn't leak any petrol when your at speed
4) buy a battery tender (not a charger)
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