Moshe's First Annual Moto-Holiday Gift Guide

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Moshe's First Annual Moto-Holiday Gift Guide

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Hello All-

Holiday season is here, which means it's time for "Moshe's First Annual Holiday Gift Guide" - the Season Finale of Moto Mouth for 2016. Tune in to learn about some useful, inexpensive items from Aerostich, Farklebar, and BMW which make perfect presents for the riders in your life.


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Re: Moshe's First Annual Moto-Holiday Gift Guide

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From a very little age, my late husband was passionate about bikes. He worked at a mechanic shop too (not for money) but for my passion. Now this passion has passed on to my son as well. My husband has ridden a Harley bike for about 18 years. Now it's in my garage and some fixes and repairs need to be done. I want to gift this bike to my son now this Christmas. Please suggest a good Christmas sale on any local store in Michigan for Autobike parts and accessories or if you guys know any kind of discount through coupon platforms by using their codes such as christmas coupons, then let me know!

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