zrx1100. 16t front, 47t rear sprockets.

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zrx1100. 16t front, 47t rear sprockets.

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I needed a new chain and my rear sprocket was badly worn....from being a cheap replacement with a cheap chain from some past owner.

I went with the DID (zvmx i think...the good one) and a Jt rear with a sun (something...ugh) front sprockets.

The bike is transformed in smoothness fromthe new parts, but the "wheelie monster" i expected is way more easily controlled than i thought it would be. yes, it's there, but i guess i'm just not that kind of rider. i roll on smoothly but can definitely tell what would happen if i grabbed a handful in first gear.

Anyway, just sharing for folks wondering about the mod for this bike. Very nice rpm shift for around town and country road riding...feels like all the torque is available all the time now. pleasant.

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