Beginner biker n00b questions.

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Re: Beginner biker n00b questions.

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Try looking at motorcycle salvage yards. I'm sure there's at least one in your area.
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Re: Beginner biker n00b questions.

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I got a like new GS500 rear shock for $40, a like new front rotor for $50, and like new front and rear brake calipers with pads for $28 each including shipping, all from ebay. These items cost hundreds of dollars new from dealers too much for fixing up a low cost used bike that has some miles on it. I resisted using ebay for years but finally gave in and tried it about 3 years ago and I look for the best parts I can find from high volume top rated sellers. So far real bargains, my 02 GS bought slightly used back in 03 has over 100k miles on it now and isn't worth buying any of these parts at dealer prices.

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