Custom Fiberglass Fabrication - Any Tips?

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Custom Fiberglass Fabrication - Any Tips?

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I've been thinking of taking up fiberglassing as a hobby this winter, something to do while the bike's garaged. In scouring YouTube and other sources for instruction and information it looks surprisingly easy to do, but I'm sure a lot of that is just professionals making it look easy.

I'm going to try some custom hardbags first, and if that works out well I may try my hand at a custom fender. I've also got a half-formed idea to create my own sidecovers and integrate a pistol holster into the right-hand cover. Long story. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else does or has done their own fiberglassing, and it so what you've learned and what I should know before starting out. I'm going to create the molds using high-density foam (like the green stuff you can get for floral arranging), then bond-o the final plug for versatility and to allow the necessary surface prep to 'pop' to finished part from the mold. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Custom Fiberglass Fabrication - Any Tips?

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Oasis, (Green floral foam) isn't the best for this in my mind, just picking it up can cause impressions that you'll end up spending so much time on repairing. Oh by the way, they call it oasis because of it's great property of absorbing and holding moisture, not the best product for working with in this manner. IMHO

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