Teknic Supervent Jacket

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Teknic Supervent Jacket

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Just got one, and I'm happy with the way it works. If figured I'd talk about it because this one definitely fits a certain body type.


This is the only Teknic jacket I have ever had in my hands, so I don't know if it is typical in cut and sizing. While riding on my cruiser it feels like it's not there, but it's fairly uncomfortable in any other situation. I was initially worried about some stiffness in the wrist zipper gusset, but it's only noticeable while not riding.

As for fit, this fits like a glove. One thing that I liked when I ordered this is that it's made in number sizes. I wear a size 4 blouse in Anne Taylor and J Jill, for example, and the size 4 jacket fits exactly. The cut is, no doubt, for an hourglass figure. I didn't need to bring in the waist, which is something I always have to do. As you can see in the picture, bust room is limited. In the 4, I don't suppose much more than a B will fit comfortably. I'm 34A.

At a petite 5'3" there is a small amount of bunching at the waist, so a taller woman can totally wear this.

The reduced airflow from all the cordura didn't seem to be an issue yesterday. I'm replacing a Joe Rocket Cleo which is all mesh and no cordura. I feel like this jacket might actually hold together in a crash.

Pockets are tiny. One pocket just fits my iPhone, and I had to turn the iPod Nano on it's head in the other, or else it would have stuck out of the pocket.
Ooooooh. Shiny!

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