Beware Clearview Shields - member opinion

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Beware Clearview Shields - member opinion

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A disappointing sales experience with ClearView Shields. Ordered product 1-23-12, and encountered delay after delay, before finally receiving a call from the owner, advising me the windshield, now completed, had a flaw, and then went on to try to sell it to me with a discount. I’m particular with my property and would not accept a flawed product. He advised he would fast track another and get it out the following week. In retrospect, I should have cancelled the order at that time.

Finally received the windshield, 2-17-12. Once opened, it was found to be wrapped from top to bottom with some sort of heavy taped wrapping - with a large “STOP” sticker advising not to remove the wrapper, when test driving. I thought very unusual a company would encourage someone to install a totally blocked windshield, and try to test drive it. Even so, I gave it a try. I was unable to see anything, except the side of the road. Major safety hazard. Returned home and removed the wrapping, assuming the product would perform as represented. Upon unwrapping, I thought it strange the plastic had light swirls incorporated into it. Once installed, the swirls were not visible looking through it, so I decided this was simply typical of the manufacturing process this company must use, and that all their products were probably subject to the same swirl patterns.

The windshield, however, failed to perform as represented. Windshield gust effects were just a prevalent as with the OEM unit. The windshield was at least 4 to 5 inches wider than the OEM unit, creating unacceptable wind resistance going forward, and subjected the motorcycle to crosswind instability.

I returned home, attempted to contact the sales rep, by telephone, and received only voice mail - which was typical when calling. I left a voice message, followed by an email message, advising I would be repackaging the windshield and returning it. Not hearing back, the following morning I shipped the unit. Later he responded, and I explained the reason I returned the windshield. At the same time, I explained why I had returned the wrapping, due to safety reasons.

When preparing the windshield for repackaging, I took two separate photographs of the windshield, clearly showing there was no damage to the item, at the time of shipping. I enclosed a copy of those photographs with my follow up email message. The windshield was carefully enclosed within two separate large plastic bags, and then buffered from movement, by use of the original packaging material, and packed within the same container it was received in. The package was received at the factory on 2-28-12. Apparently received in good condition, as I was not advised otherwise.

On, 3-2-12, following two separate communications with the sales rep, asking about the return inspection, and subsequent refund, I received an email advising I was to be charged a 30% penalty for removing the wrapping on the windshield, and for returning it with swirls in the plastic. The penalty was referred to as “restocking fee”.

This effort, to try out a Clearview Shields product, has proven not only to be frustrating, from beginning to end, but expensive, as UPS charges, cost $66.97, and add to that the arbitrary 30% penalty for, not liking, and then returning the item, has cost a non-refunded total of $113.08.

I would caution prospective customers to be extremely wary of such sales practices. In my opinion, this is not a reputable company with which to conduct business. The product I tested was not satisfactory, and I was penalized a full 30% of the sales price - plus shipping costs both ways, for returning the item.

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Re: Beware Clearview Shields - member opinion

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My experience with Clearview has been quite satisfactory. I've found Clearview to be a reputable, albeit small, outfit. There's been a Cleariview shield on my Triumph Trophy for 5 years now. Their product is what they say it is - an oversized shield. Sounds like 1) you didn't research what you were getting, and 2) you didn't follow their advice on correctly sizing it for your bike and your stature.

When you talk about not being able to see through the wrapper on your test ride, you make me suspect the shield is the wrong size for you - you're not supposed to see through a shield, you're supposed to look over it.
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