Suzuki Boulevard c50 exhaust(ing) opinions.

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Suzuki Boulevard c50 exhaust(ing) opinions.

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Have had the boulevard c50 for two years now, and have recently decided that it's time to either upgrade the bike, or the exhaust. I love the bike, so I went with the exhaust.

After doing months of homework, I settled on the Vance & Hines Straightshot Staggered system with fuel pak. Living in Darwin, NT Australia, I did not have much opportunity to hear different exhausts, and most of the exhausts I did get to here were via internet (which does no justice at all to the bike, the exhaust, or the amateur video industry).

After researching all the options, the idea of loudness vs tone vs presence vs quality appeared to be question of preference rather than diffference. That being said, I went with the straightshots because they seem to be a bit more of a 'grown up' exhaust option compared to the cruzers for instance.

Lo and behold, I open the exhaust box, and the first thing written on the instructions is 'more power - less noise'!

These pipes are being installed tomorrow by 'the shop', so I guess I'll find out in less than 24 hours whether or not they're quiet, but I'm just seeking other riders' opinion on these pipes and whether or not they do provide a decent bark.

All the reviews speak about their loudness, but this glaring 'more power - less noise' claim on the paperwork is a bit concerning for me, especially considering that you can buy 'quiet baffles' for them.

Any reports on the performance of these pipes, particulalry for the boulevard c50 would be of great value!


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