So, when...

Which month?

April 2011
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May 2011
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So, when...

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To do a "LADIES ONLY WEEKEND?" Maybe a long weekend say, Friday thru Monday something like that. The idea I've got is to rent a nice vacation home someplace in pretty riding country. A hot tub is pretty much a "necessity" in my mind. Decent size sitting area. Finding a place with a paved driveway is going to be a bit more of a challenge, though not insurmountable.

I also found a nice looking resort lodge that could work.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can make anything happen this spring, and already planning a big trip with hubby in the fall. So that leaves NEXT year. That said, anyone else is welcome to make arrangements for something sooner.

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Re: So, when...

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I like June best, but either May or September would work, as long as I know in advance. April could be cold.

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