My new Ride

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My new Ride

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On October 18, 2009 three days before my 71st birthday I was riding with my club to get some vittles. We rode about 55 miles for this and I was not going to ride back with them. My granddaughter was playing college soccer in Georgetown, TX so I left them in Marble Falls and proceeded to ride to Georgetown. About half way there riding at 70 MPH on my Suzuki C50T a extremely frightened deer ran out of the corn field and into my path of travel. Had no time to react. Just said to my self deer, maybe I will miss her. Nope, I T-boned her and went down. Rolled 4 times on the un forgiving asphalt. See helmet photos. That Shoei helmet saved my life.

A very nice couple riding behind me stopped and rendered aid. The woman held my hand and kept me focused while the man called 911. I said she kept me focused as the man did not know exactly where we were. I had just looked my my GPS a few seconds before the impact so I was able to tell him our exact location. Ambulances one air and one ground arrived minutes later. The deer and my bike were lost.

I was evacuated by ground to a hospital near my home. The ride was pleasant as I was given a very strong pain killer for the transport. I had suffered a broken shoulder, 5 cracked ribs a bunch of road rash (I was wearing a leather vest) a punctured elbow and a badly sprained ankle.

Spent my 71st birthday in Darnall Army Community Hospital. One of the nurses is a family friend so she had a bunch of staff pop in and sing to me. One of them even smuggled a smidgen of brandy. Hoooa

Went through a few months of physical torture (therapy) only to discover my shoulder did not go back into place. Doctors are still deciding what to do. But I was cleared to ride and just bought this as my legs are not as strong as they once were.

Here is the photo of my helmet and my new ride.

2006 Goldwing Trike.jpg
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Re: My new Ride

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sorry to hear about your wreck, Tex, but to steal a line from your signature the pain is better than the alternative. i can't see the picture of the helmet here at work (stupid firewall), but the trike looks like it'll keep you riding in comfort and style for many years to come. gotta love those Honda engines, they damn near oughta put the superman logo on em.

after my wreck, the shoulder was the slowest to heal, too. still bothers me sometimes and it's taking quite a while to get the strength back in it, but it's slowly getting better. at least i was able to get back about 95% of the movement, which is what i was really worried about.

overall, how do you like the trike? i've never ridden one and have only talked to a couple people who have, so really don't have much knowledge of ride quality, handling, etc.
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Re: My new Ride

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Great trike!!

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Re: My new Ride

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Your helmet looks like it’s tattooed by scratches but your ride is totally cool.

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