Cypress Motorcycles....a shameless plug

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Cypress Motorcycles....a shameless plug

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Pick up my baby from Cypress Motorcycle in Delta BC. Of all the small independent motorcycle repair shops I have used in the past 25 or so years , I have to say they the best I have ever come across.

They specialize in servicing older bikes like my Sabre and do a damn good job at a fair price. No gouging, no bullshite, no up selling, no pushing krap you have no interest in. Just honest wrenching.

Last time I was there to get a little servicing done, they warned me of the problem with my drive shaft and last week it failed big time. Dropped the bike off on Saturday late and it was ready to go on Tuesday, replaced shaft and rebuilt connection to the final drive. Total cost, C$417 and change. As I was warming up the engine getting ready to leave, the girl who worked on the bike came out and said, that if I hear and thudding or strange noises coming from the shaft, bring it back and they will repack it for me. How is that for customer service? Most places just send you on your merry well after they have pocketed your coins.

If you ride an older bike in the Greater Vancouver area and need some work done, I cannot recommend Cypress Motorcycles enough. They are by far the best I have ever used.

On a related note, I cannot say the same for Rubber Side Down Motorcycle Apparel Shop in Richmond. While the guy who runs it does try, his service levels are lacking.

Back in March I ordered a new custom fitted leather riding jacket from them at the Annual Tsawwassen Motorcycle show. I paid half down and was expecting delivery on May 14th. The jacket did not arrive until May 28th. When I tried it on, the sleeves were too long, and the bottom of the jacket was a good 3 inches above my belt. Told him no go and try again.

Took six more weeks till the replacement arrived. Arms still a bit long but serviceable however the jacket was perforated, not what I ordered or wanted. I ride basically year round and while those perforations are nice during the few hot months, the are going to be a right b itch when it starts getting cooler and wetter. Also, instead of CE armour at the elbows, shoulders and back, it came with foam rubber padding.

I think the guy was about to start crying when he saw me coming and figured I would tell him to try again, but by this point I had had enough and just wanted my jacket and accepted it as is and plan to get another one made up for autumn/winter riding, only this time I will go else where......should see if Cypress can order me a custom made jacket.
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