Alternative to Soap, water and waxing

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Alternative to Soap, water and waxing

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(I could not find any reference to this product using the search function. So I decided to make a new thread on this and share this product. If I missed it on the search - shoot me)

So after purchasing my V-rod about a month ago, I realized that cleaning the thing would be a huge ordeal. The frame of my bike runs largely along the perimeter of the bike, creating cracks and crevices where gobs of wax can accumulate. In my desire to avoid any mishaps with my relatively new, shiny and "left-over wax" free bike, I looked around for alternatives and found Captain Richards Best. I looked around for reviews and heard nothing but good things. So I took the chance and ordered it.

I ordered from as I had a $25 rewards certificate and paid a grand total of $8.00 shipped. I received in the mail on Friday a couple of packages containing my Captain Richards Best wash kits. I awoke early this morning to clean the V-rod for the first time to avoid the sweltering August heat. I dumped out all my cleaning soaps, waxes, etc. from my bucket, filled it with water and headed out.

They provide you with a giant bottle of the solution, an applicator cloth and a microfiber cloth. As directed I soaked the applicator cloth, wrung it out and sprayed the solution a couple of times, then cleaned a small area on the airbox. I wiped the solution off immediately, as instructed. All of the dirt and grime that was on there (which wasn't too much) came off. The solution produced a nice shine and smooth finish, similar to if I had used wax. According to the site, anything that can be washed with water can be washed with this solution, so I pretty much wiped down everything that I could with this stuff except the seat, grips and mirror surfaces. So I kept on going and soon had the whole bike cleaned and shiny in about an hour. It took two hours on the Sportster to wash, dry and wax it and I never waxed the frame. In about an hour I washed and shined my V-rod and had no wax residues anywhere. Best of all, the bike was bone dry at the end, so I could take it out for a spin.

All I can say is it's a great product, which does what it claims to do. It's got two thumbs up from me and I recommend it to anyone.
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Cleaning the bike...I'll have to think about that one for a while.

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