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Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:05 am
by Gina
I understand your fear. I wrecked my bike the second time I had it on the road and totaled it and hurt myself. And I did have to re-think and decide if that's what I really wanted just as someone advised above. However, I still had the desire after weighing all the options.
I scheduled myself for the MSF course and stayed (almost always) in a parking lot or the field behind my house until time for the course.
I learned so much in the course.
There is something about being able to see others in front of you do what you're supposed to. It shows you how it is to be done---that others can do it----and if you're not holding your head up or looking ahead, the instructors point out what you're doing wrong and that helps you too.
After the class, my confidence was not completely restored but it was much better. I had the skills to know that I could do what I needed to do without going into a panic.
I checked out a couple of books on riding at the library and watched instructional videos too. I learned as much as I could before I went back out on the road. Then I took it in baby steps as one book suggested.
Now, I pull out onto the road with excitement in my heart instead of fear. Having the right gear makes me feel more confident too. I have a bright neon orange jacket that makes me much more noticeable.
If you decide you are going to do this, decide to go about it the right, safest way and you will conquer your fear. Also, last but certainly not least, I prayed and every time I set out on my bike I ask God to give me wisdom to use the knowledge I have gained and to bless me with a safe ride. My prayer for you is that you also will be blessed and that your riding skills will increase and that your pleasure will also. :lol: