Just got my first bike! Woo Hoo!

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CONGRATS!!!!! :motorcycle2:

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Awesome, :happybikeday:

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Now got my second bike! Woo Hoo Again!

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Well the Virago 250 only lasted two months - I wanted more power! My hubby felt sorry for me when we took the bikes to Victoria BC last weekend, and went up the Malahat. So when we got home he gave me his 750! I rode it Sunday night and it was great! I've been riding it to work every day this week. It's the one pictured in my signature. It's 14 years old, but looks like new! Less than 10K miles on it too. We had it gone through when we bought it, and put new tires on it. I'm ready to roll for the summer!

Know anybody in the Pacific Northwest looking for a great Virago 250?

2005 Yamaha Zuma - Sold
2005 Yamaha Virago 250 - Sold

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