So I just watched 199.8 miles of racing......

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So I just watched 199.8 miles of racing......

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So I watched 199.8 miles of racing..........
.........and just as they are about to head in to the final corner setting up for the big drafting manouver that the 200 almost always comes down to: Speedtv cuts to coverage of the race for 5th place. Next time we check on the leaders they are congratulating Bostrom on the win.....on a delayed telecast even! WTF?

I'll be the optimist that the racing will be better this year than the last several years in the AMA Yoshi-cup The 200 is always a bit of a gong show with the pace car and now they have added the chance of failing lights in to the mix. But at least they are trying to make something unique (yep, they need to try harder). I've all but quit watching AMA racing for the past few years as there was only 4 riders at best who had any chance of winning the thing (really only 2). It's way over due for something to change. Hopefully it gets better.

Funniest moment: The comment "is he using duct tape to hold the radiator on?" after the Buell exited the fight for the lead with parts beginning to fall off.

Second funniest moment: The realization by the umbrella girl on the grid that umbrellas are not really needed on the starting grid with no clouds in the night. She was leaning on hers, trying to make it look not obvious.

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199.8 miles? That requires patience...

I know what you mean about the TV people too... It's the same with the Formula 1 and the Moto GP... Never seem to follow the interesting parts.

And lol at the comment and the umbrella girl :P

EDIT: This one was last year too? Wow... I've got to learn to be more observant next time :/
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