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I am having trouble with a sales website and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I have bought several items from the MotoDirect website over the past few years, and have been satisfied with the products in the past. I just received the men’s leather motorcycle jacket 204 in the mail.
The jacket is pictured as solid black on the website, but actually has three tacky fist-sized “EXL” logo patches on the sleeves and back, which are not mentioned in the description. It also feels about as thick as a trash bag, and the supposedly CE approved armor feels slightly less sturdy than Nerf.
The company stated that I am still responsible for all shipping charges, despite their advertised 100% satisfaction Guarantee, because they reserve the right to sell redesigned products without changing the online photos or descriptions.
Naturally, this sounds like a huge load of BS. The MotoDirect company is based out of Indiana, and I was wondering if anyone in the area knew what administrative bodies I could complain to about what I consider to be blatant false advertisement. They also have an EBAY store, if that matters for anything.
I was also wondering if anyone knew how to find out if a company’s products actually meet CE or DOT standards, because I really can’t picture the jacket’s pads offering any sort of protection and question the legitimacy of their certification.
Thanks for reading, and any help or advice would be appreciated.
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Please look here.
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