Final race of the season..

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Final race of the season..

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Here is my report.
Season is over! I have won the 125 gp and LW formula 40....
This was a long season for me...i am not sure about doing an entire season next year...maybe just a few races when the weather is nice. It sucked was cold...for us...55...cloudy..then rain...then clear up...then rain again...the track was dry in areas and wet also...not tires were old, from Miller in June, but i did not have money to buy new ones...during my first practice i was following Dale...2nd lap, i flicked the bike over to the right..and down i went...kinda hard..i tumbled pretty good...but got up right away, good thing for adrenalin!
Brian came out..but didnt even race, he knew i had pretty much won...however, he didnt realize that if for some reason i didnt make the grid, he would win! I just needed to turn a lap or so and get my points....on saturday, he probably drank to much beer, i went to bed early...then next morning, he was not looking to good...and was not "right" he said, because of his diabetes...which is true..he does not eat like he should or take care of himself. He said he wasnt going to race...
I still went out for my practice and thats when i crashed..the bike is ok...had to replace the rearset, and im happy to say no broken windscreen!! yay!
I went out for the 125 gp race to use it as practice for the LW40...i did about 4 laps and pulled in..i won it...but was the only 125 out there...not fun.
Then it starts to rain..i have slicks on and they are old....i have rains..but its not really raining hard..the track is sprinkled good and then stops...WTF??
So Dale appears with a tire groover and starts grooving away at my tires..i need to go out and do the best i can in the LW40 to keep my championship! The grid had 6 bikes....Dale gives me some advice about being very smooth, and that the tires should be ok....i grid up..i get a bad start, the track was wet and did not want to fall down like last time when it rained...Mark was behind me in points, and was not to excited about the wet track..he has dot's but, the wet track is not cool..he crashed a couple races before in the same place i did..he was ok...but seemed to not want to hang it out there to try and win the race to get the championship, and settled for 2nd overall...there was tough competition out there...Mark was riding slow and so was i....kinda like a newbie trackday rider or front tire was not feeling like it was sticking very good, so i didnt push it...i got closer to Mark...and then after about 4 laps he raised his hand and pulled off....he said that he thought in his mind that he was not going to win it unless he beat Ted, and Ted was on his game. He was happy to take 2nd overall, and said next year he plans on running all the rounds..he missed the first round of the season, due to an injury..and thats where he lost his points..I was consistent, made all the rounds, finished pretty good in most of my races and won it. When i pulled in from the LW front tire was cold, and the rear had some heat...i just wanted to finish the race and do the best i can..thats what i told myself when i went out. Mark did a great job out there and I know he will be up watch out for him!!
Im happy that i won both championships..but this really sore and hurting quite a shoulder, my neck, and my right knee got twisted, so i have it wrapped today to keep it stable.
My motor needs to be rebuilt now, and money is tight....starting a new job this week and have lots of things going on for the future.
Will racing be in my future next year? Not sure, have not made that decision yet.....would be nice if there was more 125's to race with....
Most memorable moment of the year was gridding up at Miller with 40+ 125's!!! Miller was the best!! I had a great crew, John and Dale, I could never had done it without them, and am very grateful. John for getting us there safely, and Dale for making my bike running smooth and keeping me focused.
I had lots of fun this year, drafting GothicBeast Very Happy , dicing it up with other racers, seeing new riders come out and knowing that the feeling they have after they complete the mock race is forever embedded in there heads....
Hanging out with everyone after the races and Bs'ing, eating and drinking...thanks for the burgers on Saturday, it was great to see most of the riders and workers all hanging out and smiling and laughing!
Thanks to everyone who has made this season possible! You rule!!
Until next time! CHEERS!!
Its all about the Ride!

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Nice post. Congrats on your success. Right now I am jealous that you can even think about riding in mid December!

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