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Last week I recieved several things that I had ordered from Leatherup.com. I ordered the following things:

1 leather jacket with padding and CE Armor (129.95)
1 textile jacket with padding and CE Armor (79.95)
1 pair of leather pants (74.95)
1 pair of "dual comfort system" Leather chaps (79.95)
1 pair leather racing gloves (29.95)
1 pair fingerless gloves (8.99)
1 half helmet (32.95)
1 full face helmet (69.95)

I'll start off with the good things:
The quality of the Jackets and Pants/chaps is excellent. Very thick leather, sturdy stitching, and nice lining. Definately just as nice as anything costing 3 times as much that I've tried on in the bike shop. The shipping is great! $7.95 flat for however much you order, regardless of how far away you live!

The not so good things:
I've never been one to order something like a Helmet online, but I figured with as cheap as they were, it was worth a shot. I wanted to have a couple of "extra" helmets around just in case, so I figured I'd go for it. The craftsmanship of the helmets (outlaw and Hawk brand) didn't seem that great, and I really questioned the DOT stickers on them. I ended up returning them.
The gloves also didn't seem to be that well made. It's almost hard to believe they came from the same manufacturer. I returned them as well.

I just shipped the stuff back today, so I can't testify to thier refund /exchange habits.

Wonderful place to buy Jackets Pants and Chaps. It seems this is definately their strongpoint. But I would buy gloves and other things elsewhere.

NOTE: The helmet I normally wear is an EXO-400. They carry this helmet, but ironically they charge the same price my local bike shop did.

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I bought a pair of boots, only 69 $ and decent quality - i'm a satisfied customer.

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I just bought something from them the other day and got it yesterday. Good service and decent prices...I'll use them again.
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just ordered jacket, hope it is good

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Let us know how the return experiance came along?

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I ordered a textile mesh jacket with CE armor shoulders, elbows, and spine protection and a pair of leather chaps. I received them yesterday. They seem to be good quality items (first purchase for jacket and chaps, so no frame of reference). I received the items 2 days after purchase so shipping at $7.95 was very quick. So far very happy with this business.
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LEATHER.up.com lost me as a customer forever!

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Read in its entirety their return policy for there are a few gaps that will mislead you. Before ordering call them first and find out if something goes wrong exactly what to expect, get actual refund price info, for the website is misleading. There is no reason for this, but pure carelessness.

This is a letter I sent to Leatherup.com.

Enclosed are copies verifying my purchase of Item # 1442 Harness Biker Boots (Size 10 Medium) and the postage paid for sending them back to you. I requested a full refund for the returned product and doubt very highly that I will ever purchase from LeatherUp.com again nor give referrals and recommendations to my colleagues who work in the racing industry. My first order was a biker jacket for which I was pleasantly surprised. I was happy with the quality, so thus the momentum of positive feedback started, telling friends and family about your company. I decided then to order a pair of biker boots.

After I received my original order, Item # 1442 Harness Biker Boots (Size10 1/2 Medium) I found that the boots were too wide at the ankles and calf areas. The boots were very wide in fact, that I couldn’t place my pants, boot cut, over them and they felt as if I were wearing flip-flops when walking in them. The heel area was wide and the boots were uncomfortable.

I am a bit disappointed at the efficiency and accuracy of information that was given to me over the phone when I was inquiring about this product, Item # 1442. Before I returned these boots to your company for a smaller size I spoke to a representative over the phone and asked him specifically if this boot style came in a size 10 Regular and he said they do. I figured that the 10 1/2 Medium size that I originally ordered, was a miscalculation on my behalf so I really didn’t mind sending them back and incurring the expense of postage. However, if I was going to reorder, I was going to find out exactly if this boot style came in a size 10 Regular, and after confirmation I reordered this boot style, figuring that it was going to be narrower and it wasn’t. I was waiting anxiously for the boots to arrive at my residence and was shocked to see size 10 Medium. The representative told me that size medium is considered a regular and vice verse with no information on your website indicating this. If I knew ahead of time of this, I wouldn’t have reordered for the medium size, for it was too wide.

I was inconvenienced, disappointed, and the lack of providing the correct information constituted urgency on my behalf of sending these boots back to your company and incurring the expense of the postage. I am asking you to make good and to give me the benefit of the doubt and to reimburse me for the postage for the information was not given to me correctly the first time and the attitude of your representative that it should’ve been assumed on my behalf that the boots come in a medium size and the medium size is regular, and the regular size is the medium size, for there is no regular size. Also, the price of the boots @ $71.95 will not be refunded and credited to my card at this amount, but rather less the $7.95 shipping and handling when the boots were first shipped to my home from your warehouse, for a credit of $64.75. Keep in mind it cost me over $20.00 to ship them back to you. The website has these boots listed at $71.95, not mentioning that the shipping and handling of $7.95 is already included. Even though I received a 10% discount on future purchases I was credited less than what I paid for them. Upon check -out the $7.95 S/H should've be itemized and added on so that the lower price of $64.75 was the price of the boots. If this was so, there would be alot less confusion and time spent on the phone telling customers they should have assumed this. Assumption is the mother of all foul -ups.

This is a matter of principle that I have taken time out of my busy schedule to write this letter. Your business is made up of Goggle searches directing customers to your website due to inquiries, your listings on other websites that you are linked to and most of all, referrals. If you believe that not giving me reimbursement of my postage is not worth hundreds to thousands of dollars that your company can make through the referral process, which is like the domino effect, then I am disappointed in your operation. I am a very loyal person when doing business with companies when positive experiences are received.

To everyone out there, it does't mean if your a tough "O Ring" renegade biker, you do not understand good ethical business practice and that consistent cutomer service is paramount. People today get turned-off very easily and since this is the case they (leatherup.com) should've understood that there may be errors due to human fault at their end and a lack of planning which may constitute an emergency on my part. They need to understand that there is a big difference between precision and accuracy. Their website should've be analyzed from a perspective of a customer rather that one who is designing it from a programming standpoint. First they inspired my confidence, then they lost my trust, after giving them my feed back they could'nt care less.

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I ordered a pair of biker boots last week and received them this past Saturday.

The boots feel comfortable, and seem made well. I ordered a 10.5, didn't know anything about regular or wide???

They are a little loose, but nothing a pair of hiking socks won't fix.

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I would strongly urge people not to order from leatherup.com. I ordered two jackets from them and both were either damaged or the wrong size. Customer service did not answer my calls or return my numerous emails. When they did answer my phone calls, they put me on hold for long periods of time. I will never never ever order from them again.
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I have ordered a nice jacket from them...the quality was great & I love it...after that I ordered a vest & 1/2 finger gloves which both was too small...I returned for larger size for both & was very pleased with the customer service....(maybe I just got lucky) :laughing:

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