Here Comes Daytona!

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Here Comes Daytona!

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Ahh... welcome to spring... March already! 15C outside in this town today, but likely a little warmer in Daytona...

The return of Kurtis Roberts, Maladin, DuHamel, Zemke, Aaron Gobert, Roger Lee & Tommy Hayden, Bostrom, and all... as well as the guy from our little city up north, Chris Peris.. i see he qualified 12th in Supersport...

600 Supersport Qualifying results:

I hope to see E.Boz kicking butt on the Yam :mrgreen: and it'll be interesting to see how Ellison does out there.

Soup has there first crash pic posted too :wink: ... L_5485.htm

All fun!
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