YAMAHA XT225 or TW200. which is better ?

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YAMAHA XT225 or TW200. which is better ?

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I am interested in buying either a Yamaha TW2000 or XT 225.

Please commment on what you think about these two bikes !

Also, is it wise to buy a 2004, 2005, or 2006 bike of eaither model ?

Are there any specific problems people are aware of ?


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I know a guy that owns the TW200, don't know anybody that owns the 225, the TW200 is the bulldozer of the off road, dirt, trailbikes, its made so you can abuse and pound it off road, its not as fast or quick as other dirt bikes, but it can go thru deep mud and over big rocks and cross swamps and creeks better than all other dirt bikes. Its more like a ATV, it will go anywhere, but not as fast. On the road the TW200 isnot fast, it will hold a 55mph speed limit on a level road but you will have to gear it down and scream the engine on a hill. Its not made as a long distance street bike, I wouldn't take it on a 4 lane highway with a 65mph speed limit, but its fine for the 2 lane backroads. You have to understand the engine is geared low, to get any fast highway speed on it, ur going to have to scream the engine at high rpm. May I make a suggestion? go with the Suzuki DRZ400S, thats the best dirt bike you can get thats still street legal, the DRZ400S will cruise at 90 mph on the highway and it will match what any pro motocross bike will do, it has the suspension to handle the 30 foot jumps and its street legal.
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MotoF150 wrote: I am an expert and I do admit I have a problem dumbing down my words so you public school educated rednecks could understand. Thank You, MotoF150
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