new mx for stunt riding [help me pick whats best for me]

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new mx for stunt riding [help me pick whats best for me]

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im looking to get into stunt riding [backflips, turndowns, heelclickers]

have some riding experience, and just wondering if you have any suggestions on what is easy to throw around. light and not too expensive. im looking for at least a 250 i think. and under or around $10 grand canadian.

thanks for the input.
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What you want is any of the 2-stroke 250's. They are lighter and have less rotating mass in the engine, both of which make throwing the bike around mid-air easier.

Then you will want to cut down the fenders and the sidepanels over the airbox to create areas to grab the bike when your jumping around on it. A larger rear sprocket won't hurt, it helps you get up to speed faster and many jumpfaces/ramps have limited run-up room.

Also a good idea to get a set of Fatbars and levers/perches than can fold in any direction, just to lessen crash damage. Because you will crash, alot. And gear-up your body well, you will be falling out of the sky from significant hieght regularly.

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Good luck, and have fun. :mrgreen:
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Honda CRF250, that bike can make a rookie look like a pro. hold on tight!
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