What makes a classic bike?

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Here is another one of my XS650s, does it qualify as a classic ?? It's a 1977D model.

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Well, if you ever decide to part with it, I will not be far away.

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xsyamahadg wrote: Sat Nov 10, 2007 4:36 pm I get parts from several different sources, from on line, from my local Yamaha dealer, swap meets and from a supplier who specializes in old 650 twins. 25 years minimum is the most common age for a classic bike, but just because it is 25 years old doesn't mean it is a sought after classic. Here is one of mine.
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Here ia a Honda PA50 that I bought new for my daughter in 1979... it's got 800 miles on the clock and is in mint condition. Small, but still old enough to be a classic...but is it considered a classic ??

Looks great!

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Re: Surprising New Hybrid 202….

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Could a hybrid motorcycle be the future of two-wheeled transportation? With the increasing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, what are the potential benefits and challenges of integrating hybrid technology into motorcycles? Share your thoughts and insights on this innovative concept.
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