What first model, please advise

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Re: What first model, please advise

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As a beginner, I started driving a Suzuki SV650 because it's fairly affordable and reliable. I already have a year of driving experience, and I still don't want to buy another motorbike. I just fell in love with this one. When traveling and discovering a new city, I'm always looking out for a similar model. Can’t remember the last time I drove a car, tbh. My latest amazing discovery was the city of Buenos Aires. Before flying down there, I did some research on their driving licenses and checked up on rental offers at riderly.com. Their drivers are not exactly very careful about traffic rules.

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Re: What first model, please advise

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A scooter can be a perfect option for you as you are a new rider. The controlling and power shifting is excellent in the scooter. As an experienced rider, I would love to suggest you go for a scooter. You can find some scooter reviews here Scooter Review Find which one is suitable for you and buy. You will enjoy your ride for sure.

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