Tracking and maintenance application

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Tracking and maintenance application

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I'am biker so I decided to make something with my friends for those who also ride, and we built an mobile app. The whole idea is to make easy to track rides and maintenance for your bike. You can track your rides and review ride metrics, but also you can track your motorcycle maintenance.

We have improved usual tracking system and added options like autostart and autopause to make it easier for users. This options take care about your ride status instead of you.

With maintenance you can easily and quickly review or add tune ups. Parts that you add in tune up can be choose from several categories with additional informations. Cool part is that you can set up reminders to notify you about something, like “check oil level”. Notifications can even work automatically if you use both tracking and maintenance.

Project has two apps. So if you want to track your rides and maintenance, you have one app, but if you are interested just in maintenance you have other app. When you register in one app, and later decide that you want to use other, you can login with same account and all data will be synchronised.

We are looking for Android & iOS BETA users who would like to test application. You will have an opportunity to help us design app for your needs, suggest new features and help improve usability.

Looking forward for your suggestions and comments.

Feel free to contact me with private message if you are interested.

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Re: Tracking and maintenance application

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What applications are you talking about? You got me interested. I also need help to figure out the apps on my phone. I either install an app and then don't know how to use it, or I can't figure out how to install it. Once at a parent-teacher meeting, other parents recommended that I install a spy app on my daughter's phone to stop worrying about where she was and what she was talking about with her peers. They even sent me a [] with information about such an application, but I still can't figure out how to install it. Maybe someone could help me?
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Re: Tracking and maintenance application

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Are you going to have a app for computers or just for people who want to play with their phone?

and above all


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Re: Tracking and maintenance application

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Seeming quite interesting and future beneficial , hope you would get positive feedbacks, secondly is it only for mobile phones??

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