Gps/ Travel planning

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Re: Gps/ Travel planning

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GeorgeWilson wrote: Sat Oct 02, 2021 6:00 am Travel planning is what I really love to do in advance. I plan literally every thing.
Why would you ever need a Russian passport, my friend? I think motorcycling gives enough adrenaline. If you want something exotic, you could ride to Gibraltar, then take a ferry to Afriaca and then Cheap fly to madagascar will bring you to this island that has much to surprise you. There you can rent another bike and try out riding on a different side of the road.

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Re: Gps/ Travel planning

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Android phone mounted to the dash, Bluetoothed to bike audio system. It's in a weather resistant case, and a carry a ziplock baggie to put over it in really bad weather, but it's almost never needed.
Google maps if I just need to get somewhere I don't know how to get to.
Specific routes I plan on PC using, then export the route to the phone. I import to the CoPilot app that runs all maps locally stored on the phone planner so I don't need to worry about areas without cell coverage.

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Re: Gps/ Travel planning

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Garmin have the best equipment from my experience and they have few very good options which don't cost a fortune.

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