Honda Hornet 250

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hey thanks guys, keep the comments coming.

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Shorts wrote:
CNF2002 wrote:Indeed it is!

I wonder why its not available on the US :humm: it would sell more than the Nighthawk 250, I would think.

Because it is a nice standard naked 250 - "no standards in US" post ring a bell? Only in JPN, UK, AU(?) NZ(?)...etc

The Hornet 250 is the same as the 599 and 919.
To be fair, CNF makes a very valid point. The Nighthawk 250, which is sold in the U.S., is a naked standard 250. Why not replace it with the Hornet? Much as the mid-range, old-tech, Nighthawk 750 was replaced by the Hornet/599. Same naked standard style, with updated technology and better power.

My guess is that Honda is making a better profit selling the old technology Nighthawk as an intro bike. They price it like it was the latest nugget from the folks in R&D. If they replaced it with a more expensive unit like the Hornet, they wouldn't be able to charge much more for it. The relatively primitive Nighthawk 250 is already priced $600 more than the Kaw EX250. Although the Kaw EX250 has been mostly unchanged for 20 yrs., it's engine and suspension technology are way ahead of the little Nighthawk's, which is pretty much 1970s technology.

The reason that Honda sells the Hornet 250 in other countries is that folks who buy 250s in those other countries wouldn't settle for what we do.
In Japan and the U.K., for example, a 250 is serious transportation, not just an entry level bike that will be replaced in short order with something bigger.
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Re: Honda Hornet 250

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The Honda Hornet 250 is also known as the CB250F. I still wonder why Honda didn't introduce the single-cylinder again in the market. Honda could have updated it to compete it with the like of Yamaha Mt-25 and the Kawasaki Z250. I would still love to see an aggressive-looking new age streetfighter instead of the CB250R. Honda should definitely bring the Hornet 250 again.

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