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Re: Helmet Fit Guidelines...

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Movaelano wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:52 am Just wondering if anyone had experience of using Bluetooth headphones and mic inside a motorcycle helmet? I'm not talking about the intercoms just regular earphones and mic?

I want able to listen to google nav and potentially use a Bluetooth intercom app.

I know this isn't going to be as good as a decent intercom but I'm doing a bit of research and putting money aside bit by bit for something decent like a scala unit with mesh networking.

Any hints, tips, other ideas greatly received.
If I'm reading this right, you're referring to using a Bluetooth headset designed to be paired to a phone, for hands free calling. Is that the jist? I've never done this myself or known anyone who's tried it, but it's an interesting idea. The price point for a quality BT headset is well below the prices for an intercom unit, and assuming both riders have cell phones then a hands-free phone call would suffice.

I think where this will be difficult, though, is volume. BT headsets tend to be pretty quiet, while helmet headsets are designed to be audible in a very challenging environment. Also, BT headsets aren't known for fidelity, as they're intended for speech, not music. Earbuds rather than speakers might help, also a good quiet helmet.

One note of caution. Be very careful in your installation not to encircle the collar of the helmet with any wire. Helmet headsets are designed so no wire passes in front of the throat or behind the head, to avoid a pretty gruesome injury in the event of a down. This may even be a matter of statute, check with your local authority to make sure you wouldn't be breaking any laws.

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