And yet another soon to be new biker - a couple questions

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Hehe...yeah, if it's that cold outside, I'll be in my Tacoma.

Man, this I have to wait until I take the MSF course before I can ride. I'm on the list to get in earlier if someone cancels their spot.


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Cam - i didnt know Kohls sold motorcycle quality leather.. the last time i looked there all they had was fashion leather... good deal on it tho, i got mine at Wilson's and they had my $300 coat at 50% off.

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BigChickenStrips wrote: Thu May 04, 2006 9:58 am i disagree with the $1000 figure.

you can get:
jacket for $150
gloves for $50
helmet for $200
boots for $100 (you may already own some)
riding pants (optional) $125
all that is only $625 and you can get most of that stuff cheaper than the prices i have listed.

i wouldnt skimp on helmet, and jacket/gloves also very important. but boots are boots are boots- no reason to go buy what valentino wears at the track to ride you cruiser on sunday afternoon. and a lot of people just wear jeans instead of dedicated riding pants. (although your legs will usually take some damage if you have a crash)

good luck and ride safe.
I agree about a helmet: don't skimp. Go with a brand name that is cool on the outside and super comfortable on the inside. I suggest looking at Arai helmets that are well worn. They run about $60, including shipping. Because they've been pre-worn, they're comfortable to get in and stay in, right out of the box. All of the new smell gets washed away with sweat, so there's none of that left over factory resin or glue to put up with. You just get in it and you're good to go. Guys usually don't part with their Arais until they've put about five years into them. The Quantum/s, /e, and /f have non-removable liners. So guys don't usually wash those. It's important not to buy a lid that's been washed. That's what ruins the padding. So, I go with the earlier Quantum series because I know that the only thing that has been used to wash the lid is sweat. The Quantum/s/e/f lids are usually sold third or even forth hand. So, several guys were in them before you. You get the most comfort that way, and the smell goes away pretty quick. Once you're in another guy's lid, it takes about five minutes to get used to wearing his sweat. It's a natural part of headgear, and nothing that should bother you. I think it's great getting a really expensive helmet for just $60, and it's already worn in.

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