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I have an AXO RX5 helmet helmet that is about 6-8 years old but in almost perfect condition. I have only landed on my head twice thankfully.
I have a long sleeved and short sleeved black underarmour shirts that I wear under my fox jersey (orange).
Then I have underarmour black compression pants so that my pants down rub my knees raw (they have the heat resistant material on them that is basically scotch bright pad on your knees). My pants are also fox (orange).
Then I have some boots that are Answer I think (heaven forbid not fox!) that are pretty old too.

Oh and my gloves are red gel pad gloves.

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BuzZz wrote:I would argue that with you, Jordan.

Your body still recieves major internal accellerations(and that can tear organs loose inside, causing what feels like sore gut muscles)) from riding, no matter what your suspension is like. It also supports and protects your lower back, even more so in a crash.

You can't tell me you never bottom the suspension (you should be bottoming once in a while or it's too stiff)..... and no offence, but the suspension on a DRZ-S is hardly state of the art. :wink:

I rode till I was 16 without one. When I did start wearing one, I was surprised at how much better I felt the next day and how much longer I could ride before I got tired. And the crash benifits are substantial too.
Ok, well then.... maybe I will get one and try it out.... and yes :lol: I do bottom out my suspension 8) and it is setup right.
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hi buzzz.. i agree with your type of gear. it sure is important to keep an eye on your body parts. :wink:

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Re: Gear

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I was looking for an all season adventure suit for a long time.
Klim and Touratech are doing good stuff but sorry...i just dont want to spend this kind of money.
Anyhow, i came up on this brand called Siima MotoWear.
They have a truly all season adventure jacket that has rain layer on top and can be also transformed in to a mesh jacket.
Price is quite reasonable for what they offer.
What do you guys think ?

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Re: Gear

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I read some reviews of Siima products, they generally seem positive. You're not getting Klim or Rukka or Aerostich quality, you're paying a medium price and getting medium-high quality goods. On that basis, it seems like a good bargain. Is medium-high quality in protective gear good enough for you? Everyone answers that question differently, and only you can answer it for yourself.
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Re: Gear

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I like wearing my Arai helmet because it fits my head very nicely.
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