Hello, I'm Cheri. I'm a novice rider.

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Re: Hello, I'm Cheri. I'm a novice rider.

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Thanks for all of the support, everyone! I just took my first overnight ride with my hubby, some of our friends (who can be some of the pickiest riders around), and about 100 other bikes for a Riders For Heroes Veteran's Charity Ride. We'd been planning it for months, and I was really nervous about how these guys can nit-pick sometimes....but it went AWESOME! My husband stood there grinning ear-to-ear as some of the older guys in our group came up and told me how well I handle my bike! One in particular has been known to have words with riders he deemed "unsafe"...he said I left him behind in some of the curves. LOL!!! I've learned to take the curves at "my" speed. Some I feel good faster in, some a little slower in...but I always "catch-up" coming out and in the straight-aways. I've learned not to be the pack separator. LOL!! It helps that my bike is just the right size for me. My 883N is way easier to handle in a curve than a street glide for someone my size. I'm at over 1400 miles now..time to get my maintenance this weekend. My 14 year old daughter was able to come along on our trip because she got to ride on Dad's bike. It was such a good time. Here she is with me the morning we left. She thinks her Mom is "pretty cool". LOL

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Re: Hello, I'm Cheri. I'm a novice rider.

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Hello Cheri, nice to know you

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