parking on sidewalk

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Re: parking on sidewalk

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Re: parking on sidewalk

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I live in Toronto and street parking is free for motorcycles in the city, as long as you are not in a no parking zone or somewhere you need a permit for street parking overnight. It's a huge advantage and a good way to help with traffic congestion. How long this will last is a matter of municipal politics. We remain hopeful while it continues. It makes it cheaper for me to ride than take transit. (won't get into how much faster that is...) So really it helps ease both traffic and transit volume.

Now we just need to convince the province to make filtering legal....


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SBK15 wrote:Everywhere I go I normally park on sidewalks, like the Movie theatre, or a restraunt. Everytime i've took my bike to the movies i've always parked it on the sidewalk. And cops are always loitering around the Movie's. I've never been ticketed.
Sidewalks are next to ROADS. Concrete pathways next to buildings, including theatres, restaurants, or other stores, are not "sidewalks", and they are not subject to parking regulations. It is completely legal to park there.

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Re: parking on sidewalk

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Gotta love the first post is a random zombie thread reply. Lol
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Re: parking on sidewalk

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First and only post.

I think it likely that he parks his Superhawk in a great many places I might find inappropriate, but that is just a guess as to his motivation to create a forum account for just one post.

Safe Travels and polite parking,

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Re: parking on sidewalk

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Parking on the sidewalk is what lazy people do.

Sidewalk....the operative word being walk....meaning for not for riding your motorcycle on to park outside the coffee shop or wherever you are going.

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