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Re: This Week: 2017 Indian Roadmaster - VOTE NOW

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totalmotorcycle wrote:Grey Thumper makes a good point with technology in bikes (as well as in cars), will it outdate? Sure will and in 20 years time, it may not even work or it would be like having a IBM 486 computer, slow, meaningless and gawd aweful to run any of today's software. But what are manufacturers gonna do? Some riders want lots of tech and it helps bring the "value" / price up as well. For me, I like it K.I.S.S. on my bikes, the simpler the more the machine talks to me and that's something I love; It's not for everyone but it works for me. :revv:
I like the way screen-tech was incorporated in the bike I bought last year; there's an OEM cradle for a GPS unit, which is nicely integrated with controls on the left handlebar switch cluster. If you like that tech, buy the OEM navigation/audio/handsfree-calling unit as an accessory. If you're not, don't buy it, and just unbolt the cradle so it doesn't clutter your bike's dashboard. I'd like to have a choice; I'm happy with my 12-year old bike, and I'd like to keep my newer bike for the same amount of time. Non-replaceable, non-upgradable, non-repairable tech will get in the way of that.
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