Hey guys, new rider with questions about modding/maintenance.

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Hey guys, new rider with questions about modding/maintenance.

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Hey guys,
I'm a new rider, i actually just got my first bike its a 78 honda cx500
The motorcycle runs great and doesn't have many issues to talk about.
However i do want to make some updates to it so that i can make it more me, and also stay safe.
I'm trying to change my handlebar switches and put on a harley style switch, something that has the turn signals separated.
I im currently having issues with the switch it has, for some reason the left turn signal gets delay and i figured switching this out might help me, if nothing more to at least trouble shoot it.
I'm fairly new to bikes, but i am pretty comfortable with electric work. my main question is. Would this be possible?
Can you actually replace the switches with harley style ones? Have any of you guys done this?

Thank you guys!

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Re: Hey guys, new rider with questions about modding/maintenance.

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Welcome to TMW.

Harley uses 1" diameter handlebars while your Honda has 7/8" diameter, so your first issue would be shimming the switch housings so they fit. Your second issue is that the Harley's throttle side switch housing is part of the front brake lever master cylinder assembly, which means you'd have to fabricate a new brake line with the Harley sized banjo fitting at the master cylinder end. Not an impossible task, but a lengthy procedure that really doesn't give you any real benefit when done.
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