Float level question

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Float level question

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Howdy guys:

I got a quick question i hope, about float levels on my 81 750 seca.

I am going back into my 4 carbs because i figured out there all jetted for sea level and i am up near 4500 feet and the bike is running rich not only can i smell it the new plugs are turning black fast.

My Haynes manual wants me to do some clear plastic hose leveling gadget up along the side of the carbs, i would rather just measure the float hang or seat rest while i have them apart, does anyone have an idea what the measurement would be say with the carb upside down and the float at rest into the seal and i would measure from bowl gasket seal to float top (or bottom as its upside down).

Also real quick i have 120 main jets and i bought 117.5 and 115 jets as one of the shops i talked too said go 115 but kind of Leary about that big of a drop, any ideas?. this bike is all stock no mods on it.

Thanks guys :thumbsup:


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